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Smart Service Update 99
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Update 99: Time Tracking

Update 99 overhauls and improves time tracking in both Smart Service and iFleet. Read on to learn about the new system!

Update 99 is all about time tracking, providing a complete overhaul to the way time tracking works in both Smart Service and iFleet. The best way to learn about the new changes? See them in action. Hit play on the video above for a complete walkthrough of the new, revamped, and improved time tracking screens/features in Smart Service and iFleet.

The old “Manually Post Times” screen has now become the new “Post Work Orders” screen, while the old “Enter Work Orders That Have Been Completed” screen has now become the new “Post Work Orders” screen. You’ll find these changes broken down below. At a broad level, the changes will repurpose timestamps to better address the three purposes of time tracking: billing, job costing, and payroll.

Post Timesheets – A new “Post Timesheets” screen has replaced the old “Manually post times” screen in Smart Service. This new screen features a completely new layout, as well as several key advantages:

  • Times associated with estimates can now post to QuickBooks.
  • Job times can be posted to QuickBooks even if the associated job has not been invoiced.
  • Filter options now exist to group times either by service or by employee.
  • “Posted Date” and “Posted By” fields now exist.
  • New checkboxes help indicate which times are billable and which times have been posted to QuickBooks.
  • Clock in/out times display at the bottom of the list in a special blue section.
  • Incorrect or missing timestamps from iFleet will be highlighted in red, helping to identify them for correction.
  • By default, the only times displayed will be for completed jobs. However, an option to view times for incomplete jobs also exists.

Post Work Orders – The “Enter Completed Work Orders” screen has been renamed “Post Work Orders” and revamped with the following functionality:

  • The “View Completed Jobs Only” options is now selected by default. A new option called “View Incomplete Jobs” allows users to do just that.
  • Users can now open jobs from the hypertext job name.
  • Job exceptions now appear in red below the job name to make them more noticeable.
  • Users can now view jobs by either the scheduled date or the finalized date, depending on preference.
  • Filter options now allow users to group times by employee or select date ranges.

NOTE: The designation “Work Orders” is determined in your custom Smart Service terminology. If you use an alternate term (for example, “Service Tickets”), this new screen will be named accordingly (using the same example: “Post Service Tickets”).

Add Billable Times via Job Items – In both Smart Service and iFleet, job times (such as production time) can be added to a job as a line item. This will help both office and field staff bill for labor hours in an accurate and easy way.

  • When converting production time into a line item for a job with multiple workers, you have the option to create multiple line items (one for each worker) or a single line item (for a single labor charge).
  • In Smart Service, missing time information is now highlighted for correction.
  • Time can be added as a line item or converted into a line item in both jobs and estimates.

Time Correction via Scheduler – To view employee times directly from the scheduler screen, right click on a job and select View Time Details. This provides Smart Service users a convenient shortcut to view and edit time information.

Reporting Improvements – All of the new time tracking features work when running reports in Smart Service. Older time tracking reports (those created in a previous version of Smart Service) should still work with the new time tracking system.

Mobile Workforce – Travel and production times are now viewable on the Mobile Workforce screen.

New Form Fields – Asset model and serial number have now been added as available fields when generating custom forms for use with iFleet. To see a list of all available form fields, consult this master document.

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