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Field Service Software Dictionary
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What is Field Service Software?

Deciding whether your business needs field service software or dispatch software in order to run more efficiently is a complex process. Part of this complexity involves familiarizing yourself with all of the relevant terminology concerning these softwares. Fortunately, the Smart Service team can help make things simple! Use the definitions we’ve prepared below to learn the language and terminology of field service software. Do this, and you will be more prepared to decide if your business needs some!

So let’s dive right in and take a look at the most important terminology you need to know when considering your options for field service software, dispatch software, and other overall improvements to your business.

Field Service Software Terms

Accounts Payable – The total amount of money owed by the business to creditors or vendors.

Accounts Receivable – The total amount of money owed to the business by customers.

Appliance Repair Software – Software specifically tailored to businesses in the appliance repair industry. This type of service software can be used to track customer records, repair history, replaced parts, and more.

Chimney Sweep Software – Software specifically tailored to businesses in the chimney sweep industry. This software is often used to keep track of service dates, customer history, scheduled cleanings, and more.

Construction Software – Software specifically tailored to the construction industry.

CRM Software – A category of software tailored for customer relationship management (CRM). CRM Software helps to manage customer data, interactions, business information, and more.

Dispatch Software – Software designed to help keep field technicians on track and working optimally. This type of software helps field technicians manage their day to day business.

Electrician Software – A category of software that is tailored specifically to aid electrician business owners. Electrician software can greatly aid your business in a number of ways, including storing work orders, customer history, and service records.

Field Service Software – Software designed to aid in field service management – maintaining an eye on the status of installations, service calls, repair jobs, and more.

HVAC Software – A category of software that is tailored specifically to aid HVAC business owners. HVAC Software can be used to handle scheduling, create invoices, and manage dispatch.

Inventory Management Software – A type of software that helps to track inventory levels, placed orders, sales, deliveries, and any other inventory related events.

Over Billing – Refers to billing in excess of work performed – money collected for planned work that has not actually been completed. This is also often referred to as Billing in Excess of Work.

Plumbing Software – A type of software that is custom tailored to the plumbing industry. Plumbing Software is used to store customer history and work orders, manage dispatch and routing, and create invoices.

QuickBooks – An industry standard software designed to help handle all financial aspects of a business – including payroll, inventory, sales, merchant services, and more.

Routing Software – Software designed to help create the most ideal, efficient, and effective routes for field technicians.

Scheduling Software – Software designed to help automate the process of creating and maintaining employee schedules. These softwares help to coordinate and manage employee tasks, and can also be utilized for payroll purposes.

Service Technician Software – Software designed to make service technicians better equipped and more prepared in the field. Designed to help with work orders, upsells, job details, and more.

Under Billing – Refers to work that has been completed without being billed. If a contract has been completed, but the customer has only paid for 50% of the contracted amount, the job has been under billed (this is also sometimes referred to as Work in Excess of Billing).

Work Order – An order for products or services. Work orders are received or created by a business for customers or clients.

Workforce Tracking Software – A category of software designed to track and record employee time and attendance, scheduling, payroll and benefit administration, training programs, performance monitoring and more.

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