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The Top 5 Landscaping Websites Currently Online
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Top 5 Landscaping Websites – Strategy and Execution Mean Everything

Think of a website as a snapshot of your organization. At a glance, your site should grab a user’s attention by any means necessary (and in the shortest amount of time). When users land on a page, what jumps out to them typically determines if they will stay or navigate further into the site. Studies have shown that within a seven-second window, the viewer has already subconsciously made the decision whether the content seems relevant and worth engaging with. For this reason, a website needs to pack a punch and do so quickly. Within this short time frame, the website must show user-friendliness, novelty, and also call the user to action, giving them something to do with the information presented.

Within seven seconds, a user has decided whether or not they will share a site with others. For users looking for field service companies, such as landscaping companies, this seven-second window could make or break your reputation and sales.

Since many of our clients own or operate landscaping businesses, we come across a variety of landscaping company websites. We’ve noticed that while the majority of landscaping websites we see may look pretty, there are glaring weaknesses when it comes to converting potential visitors into customers. After all, no matter how pretty a landscaping business looks, if its not attracting new business, the grass just might be greener on the other side.

We spent countless hours scouring the web for the best 5 landscaping company websites we could find. The websites we chose as the best 5 overwhelmingly pass the aesthetic test, but more importantly utilize effective site structure and web marketing techniques to increase revenue. Without further delay, we present to you the top 5 landscaping websites online today:

Brightview –  Commercial Landscaping Services

Brightview captures users with a bright green banner of a lush garden. The large size, interactive icons they use showcase outdoor scenes that attract users with color and “buzz words” that can stimulate an action. Images represent a great way to not only break up written content, but also engage the user with a “click here” mentality. Verbs, such as “shop, reflect, and learn” subconsciously elicit a demand and compel your readers to take action. These words on top of vivid outdoor images allow customers to relate to their own yard and lure the reader into traveling further into the site.

Davey Tree – Professional Tree Care Since 1880

When looking at the site for Davey Tree, the user notices the content spread out in an “F-pattern.” Across the top header, icons from right to left offer Davey Tree services, and this pattern also continues down the page. Similar to the “buzz words” on Brightview, designers like to organize content in a structured pattern on a page, putting keywords in prominent places. According to neurological research, studies have shown when users scan content, such as a web page, the dominant reading pattern resembles an “F” shape, with the concentration at the stem of the F. For this reason, content should follow this form when organizing information to spotlight keywords.

TruGreen – Lawn Care Maintenance & Treatment Services

Any website should drive new traffic and build brand visibility. One way of accomplishing both of these things involves building a website with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. TruGreen represents an exceptional example of implementing best SEO practices. With a strong backlink profile, meta descriptions and meta titles that target landscaping services, and a lot of unique and informational content, TruGreen presents a website with a lot of information and context for both users and search engines such as Google. When a search engine brings your page up on the results page (or a SERP), it ranks these results by search relevance and authority. Pages with higher authority get pushed to the top of the results, and SEO ensures your site has an authoritative profile. The higher your site ranks, the more likely it will obtain traffic.

The Lawn Doctor – Lawn Care Services

Though a website should contain engaging and relevant content, it is important not to underestimate the dynamics of a page’s aesthetics and layout. These tools catch user attention, an age-old marketing tactic. Sites that have blocks and blocks of content either lose the interest of the viewer or get skimmed over. The Lawn Doctor uses columns to shape the page and images to break up content. It divides the information into much more manageable segments. When users utilize a mobile device, their attention spans decrease drastically. Smaller paragraphs and images will ensure readers see the section in its entirety, regardless of whether they use a desktop or mobile device. This layout technique also provides an excellent way to place material in deliberate locations, to ensure keywords and links get seen. Links and images also present the opportunity for SEO tags, gaining an invisible advantage over regular content.

Bartlett Tree Experts – Tree Care

A practice that works both in a digital medium and in print may seem simple, but it can take years to master. Create concrete descriptions and demonstrate a contrast between your company and the competition. Show, don’t tell. In your images and in your writing, don’t sugarcoat the message you want to get across to the viewer. Bartlett Tree Experts shows very concrete images of storm damage and disease management, two common enemies of land and homeowners. By creating poignant messaging and showing the realities of these natural disasters, Bartlett’s demonstrates how their services can be of value. Also, before and after images make great ways to showcase value. Powerful imagery, whether written or visual, will not only create an immediate awareness to the user, it will evoke a reaction from them. Captivating users in this way provides a foolproof way to increase visibility and bolster the site’s authority.

Important Features of a Landscaping Website

The 5 examples above showcase effective websites for driving landscaping leads and business. When developing your own landscaping website, consider incorporating the following website features in order to capitalize on visibility, usability, and generate new business:

  • Clear content that speaks to your business and values
  • Easy to use navigation
  • Make sure your website looks good on mobile devices
  • Showcase strong imagery
  • Highlight your portfolio and/or case studies
  • Provide an online form for potential customers to contact you
  • Design the site with a strong connection to your brand
  • Read up on best practices for SEO and search engine visibility
  • Break up content and pages with blocks, icons, and images
  • Encourage action through the use of buttons and call to action phrases

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