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The QuickBooks ProAdvisor Referral Program
Do you want better scheduling software?

The QuickBooks ProAdvisor Referral Program

At My Service Depot, we pride ourselves on helping small businesses reach the next level by matching them to the software they need. Of course, we’re not the only ones who have dedicated our careers to this goal. QuickBooks ProAdvisors all over the world do the same thing every day.

Whether a company needs help setting up QuickBooks or answering a highly specialized tax or bookkeeping question, ProAdvisors represent an invaluable resource.

By definition, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor’s customers use QuickBooks. And, because Smart Service is a direct add on to QuickBooks, every last one of our customers does as well. Because of this similarity, we’ve long looked for a way to work alongside ProAdvisors to match field service businesses with the technology they need to succeed.

Enter the brand new QuickBooks ProAdvisor Referral Program.

With the referral program, ProAdvisors earn a 10% referral fee every time they connect a new customer to Smart Service. Doing so will help that customer streamline their operations across the board. Smart Service adds scheduling, dispatching, routing, and more to QuickBooks.

If you are a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, you can take advantage of the program by signing up on this page on our website. If you aren’t a ProAdvisor, feel free to help us spread the word! Pass this opportunity to any ProAdvisors you may know and you’ll help them, help their customers, and help service businesses everywhere.