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Smart Routes - The Smart Service Blog
Do you want better scheduling software?

Smart Routes

Smart Service has a brand new answer to the routing needs of the modern service company: Smart Routes! Add route optimization to the already-prolific scheduling, dispatching, equipment tracking, and invoicing abilities of Smart Service to reap some massive time and fuel savings.

How does Smart Routes work? Easy. Simply assign jobs to an employee, pick a day, then press a button. Smart Routes then arranges jobs in the most logical, efficient manner available. This module puts your business on autopilot!

Like every one of Smart Service’s features, Smart Routes fits around the specific, individual needs of a service company. It all depends on how you’ve chosen to run your business. If you like, you can set a hard limit on the number of jobs included in each technician’s daily route. If you’d prefer to schedule only enough jobs to fill up an eight hour workday, that option exists as well. With Smart Routes, the choice is yours!

Once you set your route, you can print the navigation and work order information and hand the results to your workers. Or, if you’re interested in some truly incredible time savings, you can dispatch routes directly to your employees’ mobile devices via the iFleet work order app.

If you want a smarter way to route your day, talk to us about Smart Routes today. Simply call us at 1-888-518-0818 or request a free demonstration.