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What's New in 2016?
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What’s New in Smart Service?

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve stuck to a quarterly release schedule for new content updates to Smart Service and iFleet. With several major updates published (and many more planned), we felt it was time to start cataloging all the additions. The results of our efforts? The brand new Updates page!

On this new updates page (located at the easy-to-remember address you will find an article summarizing the biggest changes made to Smart Service and iFleet this year, as well as an article detailing the additions made in each individual update.

Finally, the video below (which also appears in the 2016 summary article) provides a walkthrough of our most notable additions.

As we continue to add content to Smart Service and iFleet, we will continually update the new Updates page. To make sure you don’t miss any new features, bookmark and check back regularly for the latest news.