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Field Service Company Website Must-Haves

In this day and age, the online presence of your company is more important than ever. More and more potential customers make their decisions solely based on online research and what they see on a company’s website, without ever making direct contact with the seller before making their choice. This recent shift in the way your potential customers research and shop makes your field service company website of the utmost importance. Whether through field service software that your business utilizes throughout the work day or through your website that you use to bring in leads, the technology behind your field service company carries more importance than ever. Below we will highlight the three major points that any field service company website needs to consider for success.

Strong Selling Points and Information

Whether your company exists in the HVAC industry, the plumbing industry, or boasts a different socialization, you should highlight your major selling points on your company’s website. Your website can, and often will, play a major factor in your potential customer’s buying decision. What makes your company stand out from the competition? Is it the years of experience and expertise that your company provides, lower pricing than your competitors, more specialized services, faster turnaround times on work orders, or the ability to handle certain types of work orders that your competitors cannot? Whatever the case, your potential customers will look for and notice these things. Show them clearly on your website to help your potential customers align their needs with your field service business.

Testimonials, Reviews, and Social Proofing

Reviews and social proofing represent another significant aspect of your online presence and website. Potential customers will more likely select your business for their needs if they see success stories and positive reviews from previous clients. Reviews carry special importance in the field service industry. Positive reviews and testimonials offer your potential customers a sense of security and confidence in your business, which in turn leads them closer to the possibility of working with your company.

Social media can make for another important factor here, albeit not directly on your website. Social media can significantly influence your customer’s buying decision. Establish Facebook and Twitter profiles at a minimum, as well as a Google My Business listing. These provide another layer of security and confidence for your potential customers. These off-site elements provide an additional level of credibility, as they often feature independent hubs for reviews for your business.

Clear Call to Action

Whether your field service company is in the plumbing industry, HVAC industry, window cleaning industry, or another field, your goal is the same. Your company’s website should serve as a portal to generate leads and gather customers for your business. The single most important aspect of doing this effectively is to include clear and concise calls to action on your company website. Potential customers need to know where to go and what to do to work with your business. Provide clear ways for your clients to get in touch with your business from your site. Prominently feature your company’s phone number in the header at the top of your site across all pages. Feature a “Contact Us” or “Request A Quote” form on any page that could generate leads or sales. This helps capture customers who prefer email contact over phone calls.

Field Service Software

While not necessarily a part of your company’s website, proper field service software and work order software compose integral parts of your company’s technology and ability to retain clients. In many field service industries, the ability to maintain customers and obtain repeat business is every bit as important as bringing in new leads. Enter top of the line field service software. With the ability to schedule new field service jobs, maintain customer information and work history, record job notes, create invoices directly in QuickBooks, and manage recurring appointments and service jobs, field service software represents one of the best ways a company can use technology to its advantage. With an efficient and streamlined process, your company can offer a great experience to customers throughout the entire process.

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