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Dropbox Integration
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Dropbox Integration

The latest versions of iFleet and Smart Service bring a very exciting new feature to the table: Dropbox integration! Once Dropbox is set up as your image directory in Smart Service, your field technicians will be able to access crucial customer and job information in the form of files saved to Dropbox. From the field, they’ll be able to pull up a customer’s old forms, photos, sketches, or work orders. Take a look at how it works:

The first step is to create a Dropbox account (this is free, and can be done at on the computer (or server) on which Smart Service is installed. Then, you simply need to tie your Smart Service image directory into Dropbox (see above video for greater detail). Once this is accomplished, your field technicians’ lives suddenly become a lot easier. They can pull up old forms related to a customer, look at drawings or pictures created by another member of the company, and add new photos to be sent back to the office during a future iFleet sync.

Better still, any future work orders your field technicians create for a customer in iFleet will be automatically added to that customer’s Dropbox folder. This happens in the background, with no manual input required. The next time your company sends someone out to perform a service for the customer, they’ll be able to look back at the previous work order without a problem. If you’d like to find out more about how Smart Service and iFleet’s new Dropbox integration can help your techs in the field, request a free demo or speak to a sales rep (1-888-518-0818) today!