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August 9, 2022


Tour our office!

Throughout my career I’ve watched as more and more business transactions have moved to the internet. Even in the business-to-business sphere, it seems more deals are happening online than off. The convenience of making exchanges in this manner benefits everyone involved, but I feel it’s still important to put a personal touch on things. That’s why I’m proud to present this video tour of our headquarters: We’re not just another faceless software company. We’re a closely-knit group of real people, and we care about our customers. Every person in our building is here to make sure our customers’ experiences with our products are fantastic. To read more about our company and the people that make it up, check out our […]

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Dropbox Integration

The latest versions of iFleet and Smart Service bring a very exciting new feature to the table: Dropbox integration! Once Dropbox is set up as your image directory in Smart Service, your field technicians will be able to access crucial customer and job information in the form of files saved to Dropbox. From the field, they’ll be able to pull up a customer’s old forms, photos, sketches, or work orders. Take a look at how it works: The first step is to create a Dropbox account (this is free, and can be done at on the computer (or server) on which Smart Service is installed. Then, you simply need to tie your Smart Service image directory into Dropbox (see […]

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Asset Management

Managing assets with Smart Service As your company expands, it’s more difficult to keep track of company-owned equipment. At any given point, your assets may be scattered across multiple jobsites, sitting in the back of your office, or in transit to a new location. Tracking these high-value items with paper and pen is a recipe for disaster. Service industry software like Smart Service ensures your assets are always well-organized. Smart Service tracks assets by the jobs to which they are assigned, and it also lets you add assets to your work orders as billable items. Let’s take a look at the many facets of working with assets within Smart Service. Setting Up Assets as Billable Items  Assigning an asset to […]

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Return Jobs

Life is unpredictable, and so is the service industry. You can schedule a job thinking it’ll be a one-and-done affair, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so. Often, further attention (and subsequent trips) are required. Maybe you need to order a missing part and wait for it to arrive, or maybe a fridge you serviced earlier in the day started acting up again. Whatever the case, Smart Service has you covered. Our developers thought of everything when building Smart Service. Smart Service offers a multitude of scheduling options, regardless of whether or not you know the exact day you’ll return to finish what you’ve started. One way to alert the office that there’s a need to return to a job […]

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Chemical Tracking

Chemical tracking is massively important for pest control companies, lawn care businesses, and many other service industry disciplines. Relying on paper and pen to log (or prepare) this information is cumbersome at best and potentially dangerous at worst. The right lawn care or pest control software can go a long way to improving your job process and reducing your company’s margin for error. Bearing that in mind, let’s take a quick look at some of the chemical tracking functionality provided by Smart Service. The most flexible way to track chemical usage information in Smart Service is via checklists on job items. Once chemicals are set up in your QuickBooks item list, simply create a new checklist in Smart Service. Then, […]

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Batch Invoicing in Smart Service

Smart Service was built to automate job processes for service companies the world over. It’s great for generating invoices as soon as a job is completed, but as any service industry professional can tell you, a job isn’t always finished when the technicians leave the site. Often, you have to return a second time or purchase additional parts before work can continue. As the job grows in complexity, so do your invoicing needs. As always, Smart Service has your back. Batch invoicing in Smart Service is perfect for jobs that require multiple trips, extended purchase orders, or the services of more than one technician. Build your bill one piece at a time, then click a single button to send that […]

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Does your company need to track commissions for your sales reps and technicians in the field? If you’re looking to run reports to find out how much commission has been paid (or how many of your jobs have earned commission), Smart Service is the tool for you.

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Backing Up Smart Service

Why make backups? Backups of applications are always recommended, especially when the information stored inside is important (as is the case with Smart Service). Computers and applications are complex systems with many moving parts, often susceptible to outside factors including hardware failures, viruses, and even nature itself (fires, floods, etc.). With frequent backups, you’ll not only lose minimal data, but reduce the amount of time needed to recover from what could be a catastrophic loss.

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