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December 5, 2022


What Smart Thermostats Mean for the Future of HVAC

Household climate was once accepted as static, like that draft in the living room that you always find in the same place. However, thanks to the smart technologies of recent years, even HVAC systems have come alive, gaining brains just like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. That’s right, I’m talking about smart thermostats. Smart thermostats like Nest can do all the things normal thermostats can do, just more and better. Because smart thermostats are connected to your phone and other devices, you can control your HVAC from virtually anywhere. They save households money, look sleek, and are compatible with most HVAC units. As a result, smart thermostats have taken shack in 17.5 million homes across North America, and […]

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How Mobile Technology Impacts the HVAC Service Industry

The need for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services has always existed, but the way companies have provided for that need has drastically changed with recent technological advancements. The evolution of the mobile office, including smartphones, tablets, HVAC software, and HVAC mobile applications, can give companies a competitive edge that can greatly improve daily productivity and efficiency.

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SSDs vs HDDs – Coffee Break Episode 1

Our customers specialize in every field service niche imaginable, but they still all have one thing in common; every Smart Service user appreciates the value of using technology to augment their business. At My Service Depot, we’d like to become more than just your software provider. We’d like to become a resource for using technology in your business.

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Best Desktop Applications For Any HVAC Business

Software can help automate and streamline much of what goes into running a successful HVAC contracting business. Learn about four desktop applications meant to streamline and improve different areas of your HVAC company.

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The Handyman Business in the 21st Century

How can your handyman business prosper in an increasingly digital world? In this article, we’ll discuss what field service software and technology can do to improve your handyman business and operations, from accounting and invoicing to scheduling and dispatch.

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