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Smart Service April Fools 2018
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Smart Service Appoints New COO (April Fools 2018)

Columbus, Ohio (April 1, 2018) — Smart Service, a scheduling software for field service businesses, announced today the appointment of Stella Stringfield as Chief Operating Officer. Stella is the first canine to ever be hired by Smart Service.

Previously a Smart Service contractor, Stella has always been an excellent source of employee morale, and we hope this will continue in her new leadership role. As a member of CEO Skip Stringfield’s immediate family, we are assured of Stella’s loyalty to Smart Service and its continued success.

From its creation over 20 years ago to its continued development today, Smart Service strives to remain on the forefront of innovation. This bold hiring choice speaks to the firm’s continued commitment to taking the steps necessary to deliver a terrific customer experience.

Benjamin Yackshaw, Marketing Manager at Smart Service, is excited about the new addition to the field service software company. “I think it’s great. I like Stella and think she’ll be great with the customers.”

For her part, Stella issued the following statement in accepting her new role:

Woof woof

Stella graduated Summa Cum Laude from Obedience School. Though colorblind, Stella has learned to overcome this shortcoming through hard work and a pawsitive attitude. When she isn’t retrieving sales for Smart Service, Stella likes chasing her tail and pulling April Fools pranks.