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7 Ways to Keep Your House Warm
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7 Ways to Keep Your House Warm

Spring! The time of flowers, rain, and the constant battle between the heater and the AC. Here are some other solutions to warm your home.

When it’s too warm to turn on the heat, but too cold to turn on the AC, other sources of heat can keep your home at a comfortable level! Constantly shifting the temperatures on the thermostat can eat into your savings. If you’re looking for a way to keep your living space comfortable without going broke, consider implementing a few of these low cost home heating ideas.

HVAC professionals! Feel free to share these tips with any of your customers looking for that Goldilocks level of temperature comfort.

  1. Install a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can be set up to turn the heat down while you’re at work or asleep and turn it back up while you’re in the house enjoying your off time.
  2. Let some sun in. No heat source outstrips the sun, so why not take advantage of it? Opening the drapes and letting some light in during the day is a great (and free) way to increase a room’s temperature
  3. Shutter the curtains after dark. Once the sun goes down, drawing the curtains can help keep heat trapped inside your house.
  4. Reverse the rotation of ceiling fans. Hot air rises, but you live on the ground. Most ceiling fans have a switch that will reverse their rotation. This will help push that precious hot air back down to earth.
  5. Keep the heat in. Close the doors to unused room and closets, draw the curtains, and border window sills or door cracks with draft-stoppers.
  6. Bake! Make a conscious effort to use your oven more when it’s a little chilly. This will help you kill two birds with one stone. After all, we all have to eat!
  7. Move your furniture away from vents and other heat sources. A pre-warmed couch might sound awesome, but blocking a vent with furniture means all that precious heat can’t reach the room at large.
  8. Turn on the fireplace! While we often think of fireplaces as being used solely in the winter, they can keep your home nice and warm when spring hasn’t quite sprung.

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