Schedule Pool and Spa Service Jobs Through QuickBooks Information

Carpal tunnel is a serious issue. Why risk your health typing the same information over and over again when it’s already in QuickBooks? QuickBooks data automatically populates new work orders to drastically cut down the amount of time you spend filling out information. Your schedule links up with QuickBooks to make scheduling and dispatching easier so your business can run smoother and more effectively.

Dispatching is Easier Than Ever with Pool and Spa Service Software for QuickBooks

Building and maintaining pools and spas requires trust from your customers. Establishing customer relationships requires consistent quality work—starting from the scheduling and dispatching. If you don’t schedule a job with the full understanding of everything going on, you run the risk of having to reschedule that appointment. When every client is a schedule change away from becoming lost business, you know that you should put care into that process. When you use Smart Service pool and spa service software for QuickBooks, you can schedule and dispatch with gusto. No more playing phone tag between your customers and technicians to determine a time. No more lost customer data and missing work orders.

Digital Work Orders with All the Information You Need in the Field

With the Smart Service mobile app, your pool and spa service technicians are prepared for everything. They can access notes from previous jobs at the same location. Our pool and spa service software for QuickBooks uses the mobile app to connect to the office. You can schedule jobs for your technicians even when they’re in the field. Using GPS, your technicians can create optimized routes for their jobs and you can keep track of their whereabouts. Your technicians can also create invoices, complete forms, and collect payments because of Smart Service and QuickBooks integration.

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