Unparalleled QuickBooks Integration

Sayonara, double data entry! Smart Service is a seamless, intuitive QuickBooks add-on, meaning scheduling information entered in Smart Service is immediately duplicated within QuickBooks. Likewise, customers from your QuickBooks database can be imported directly into Smart Service. Give yourself a smarter way of doing business today!

Simple Service Scheduling

Manage single-visit residential plumbing jobs as well as extensive construction-based installs with Smart Service’s intuitive service scheduler. This plumbing software lets you schedule and dispatch jobs in just a few clicks. Set your schedules and the corresponding jobs will be added to each customer entry in QuickBooks.

It’s time to go mobile.

Don’t waste another minute trying to decipher the illegible work orders your technicians bring back to the office. Replace their clipboards with iFleet, the premier plumbing field service software app, and they’ll start filing and completing paperwork in the field. They’ll even be able to attach purchase orders to jobs the moment of the sale! Don’t let any more parts go unbilled.


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