Track Location and Job Progress of Field Technicians

Shouldn’t you be keeping track of the most vital assets in your irrigation business? That’s right! We’re talking about your field technicians. The Smart Service mobile app allows for GPS capabilities, so you always know what part of the job your remote technicians are on. They can also use this for turn-by-turn navigation and optimized routes between jobs.

Irrigation Dispatch Software with QuickBooks Integration

You’ve spent countless hours building up your QuickBooks database with customer and equipment information. Smart Service uses that information to make smart work orders so that your irrigation business can dispatch effectively! Generate invoices through Smart Service, receive payments, and even create estimates on the go. The possibilities are endless when you add dispatching to QuickBooks.

Communicate Effectively with the Smart Service Mobile App

Communicating between the office, dispatched technicians, and customers can be a hassle. With Smart Service irrigation dispatch software, it doesn’t have to be! Use the Smart Service mobile app to communicate between the office and technicians. If a new job comes up, simply find the place in the schedule where it fits best, and Smart Service sends the job to a remote technician for them to accept. It’s easy! Your technicians are also able to communicate better with customers because they have job and equipment information at their disposal. Faster and better communication is a reality with Smart Service irrigation dispatch software.

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