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Field Service Management Software - Smart Service

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best field service software

The #1 Field Service Software for QuickBooks

Service companies of the world, rejoice! Your days of double data entry are over. Smart Service is the premier field service software for scheduling and dispatching. And because our software connects to QuickBooks, changes made in one program are sent to the other in real time.
We support QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online, which means Smart Service can streamline your business operations and eliminate wasted time regardless of which QuickBooks platform you use.
If your business regularly sends workers out into the field, your business needs the Smart Service software solution. Scheduling jobs with this dispatch software couldn’t be any easier. Simply drag, drop, and move on!

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Squeeze more jobs into every workday.

Add routing, scheduling, dispatching, and more to QuickBooks with a single spectacular, award-winning software service tool. Stop wasting time digging through filing cabinets and drawing up handwritten schedules. Let Smart Service tackle the administrative needs of your business. Dispatch work from the office to the field with a click of the mouse. Free up your company to do what it does best: more jobs! Learn more ›

field service job scheduler

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document destruction software review
Absolute Shreds

“Smart Service immediately changed our business!”

hvac software review
Capitol Heating & Air Conditioning

“The Smart Service product just keeps getting better!”

chimney sweep software review
Chimney Doctors

“Since I purchased Smart Service, it has become 5-10 times more valuable than I thought possible.”

chimney sweep software review
Ken's Window Cleaning

“The only regret someone would have with Smart Service is they didn't start using it sooner!”

electrician software review
The Electric Connection

“I really could not be happier with Smart Service, iFleet, and the people at My Service Depot!”

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easy field service scheduling software

Drag, drop, done. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use scheduler, that kind of simplicity is hard to beat! Schedule recurring work, emergency work, and even waitlist jobs you can’t find a slot for. With Smart Service, ease and flexibility win the day! Learn more ›

field service route planning

Without the right tools, plotting a service route can take almost as long as driving a service route. With Smart Service, you’ll select a tech, select the jobs, then tap a button. Within seconds, your day is planned, routes and all! Learn more ›

field service dispatch software

The age of the clipboard is at a close. Today, field service software reigns supreme. Send jobs straight to your employees’ mobile devices and cut out all those pesky return trips to the office to collect new work orders. Learn more ›

field service technician tracking

It’s 4:00 PM. Do you know where your employees are? Are they hard at work or goofing off on your dime? Smart Service gives you the workforce tracking tools you need to make sure your payroll is money well spent. Learn more ›

field service work order software
Do you ever need to attach pictures to work orders? Good news! Smart Service lets you associate images with jobs, giving you a great way to record your progress and show your customers a convenient before/after breakdown. Learn more ›

field service inventory software

Inventory spread out over a fleet of trucks? Technicians less than enthusiastic about updating parts totals? Get Smart Service! This software automatically updates inventory totals as line items are added to work orders. Learn more ›

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Go mobile today.

Arm your technicians with iFleet, Smart Service’s field service mobile app, and watch as it becomes the most valuable tool in their toolbelts. Techs will enjoy instant access to schedules, contact information, equipment records, service histories, company forms, and more. Learn more ›

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The field service sales app.

Turn your company’s sales reps into self-sufficient sales champions with the ultimate field sales software. Routzy, Smart Service’s field sales app, transforms an iPad into a do-it-all sales center. Make official estimates on site and bolster your proposals with some quick pictures to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Routzy and Smart Service work together to make sales a breeze! Learn more ›

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Smart Service TV

Want to see the industry leading field service management software in action? For a complete demonstration of the latest field service technology, the modern business owner need look no further than Smart Service TV. Discover how you can save time, money, and stress with software that integrates with Quickbooks to manage service scheduling for your team. Take the video tour ›

smart service tv

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An HVAC Software Success Story

Every year, Smart Service’s Quickbooks integration is used by thousands of service companies to process millions of work orders. Countless business owners have seen their businesses transformed by the field service management software. Take a look at what happened when Sears Heating & Cooling chose Smart Service as their HVAC software solution. Give yourself an idea of how your business can use technology to reach the next level! Discover more success stories ›

hvac software testimonial

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No matter the industry, we have
the right field service software for you and your team.

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The Smart Service Blog

Discover the latest service industry and technology trends by following the Smart Service Blog. Our dedicated team strives to produce and catalogue content vital to the success of the modern service business owner. Check out our latest article!

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Whether you operate a sole proprietorship or a large company, keeping tidy financial records makes it much easier to file your taxes each spring. Whether you do it by hand (on pen and paper) or digitally (with a business software app), your business needs to track invoices and payments in order to handle potential client disputes, issue refunds, and understand how to budget effectively for the next yea[...]
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Award Winning Support

Let’s face it; shipping jobs overseas has become the trend in tech support. At Smart Service, we’re proud to go against the grain. Trust us with your business software needs, and we put a highly-trained, friendly, courteous group of in-house computer experts at your beck and call.

best field service software
Customer Service
top field service software
Above &
Beyond Award

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“The customer service is top notch.”

— Christina Shutrump, Guardian Angel Exterminating

“Good software, better people.”

— Paul Burgess, Johnson Heating and Cooling

“The customer service has been phenomenal.”

— Jennifer Lord, Wicomico Heating & Air

“These guys know what they're doing. And the support is always first class.”

— Don Carter, Carter Pest Control

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