Go, QuickBooks, Go!

If you’ve held out on fire protection software for fear of overcomplicating your job process, you can rest easy. Smart Service is a QuickBooks expansion, and it partners with Intuit’s accounting application every step of the way. Schedule a job, and that information will be duplicated in QuickBooks, keeping things simple.

Routes and Schedules

Whether you’re scheduling new installations or recurring maintenance visits, you’ll want Smart Service at your side. Set a schedule for your tech, crew, or vehicle, and Smart Service will optimize the order of stops to save your company precious time and money. With Smart Service, the scheduling power is yours!

The Future of Fire Protection

One way or another, the future of the fire protection industry means going mobile. You can either adapt with the iFleet mobile app or get left sputtering in the scorched rubber of the competition. iFleet gives field workers everything they need to get the job done. Job histories, service schedules, equipment data, customer information, quoting capabilities… all this and more is theirs with one simple mobile app.

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