Shred Paper in Your Document Destruction Company

As a document destruction company, you spend your days shredding paper for other people and businesses. Isn’t it time you take shredding to your office as well? Smart Service completely digitizes all of your service operations—from work orders to forms and payments. Save on paper costs while you also save your business time and money through smart scheduling and optimized routes. The options (and ways to maximize your profits) in Smart Service are endless!

Scheduling Document Destruction Jobs with QuickBooks Information

Because Smart Service document destruction software is a direct add-on to QuickBooks, all the heavy lifting has already been done for you. You can start creating work orders right off the bat! When you schedule a new job and create a work order, information you have stored in QuickBooks automatically populates the form to greatly reduce the amount of time you spend needlessly filling out information. All the customer and equipment information you need is already in the system, so no double data entry for you. The best part? All new information syncs. Add a new customer or item price in Smart Service and it updates QuickBooks as well!

Go Mobile with Document Destruction Software for QuickBooks

With Smart Service document destruction software for QuickBooks, you can take the power of the office out on the road! Use your scheduling software along with QuickBooks to dispatch your technicians through the Smart Service mobile app. Your technicians can view work orders and previous job notes and pictures, and even collect signatures and payments on the go. All your forms stay the same, they just get better. Digitized forms allow customers to fill out forms easily without the fragility of a single paper copy.

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