Dispatch with Mobile Contractor Software for Quickbooks

With Smart Service software for contractors, you can send out your technicians on jobs and not have to worry about losing or damaging invoice sheets. The Smart Service mobile app for contractors allows your company to go paperless. That’s right: an office without papers. Not only does this mean no more lost logs, but your invoices get uploaded from the app directly to Smart Service and then to Quickbooks. Who knew going digital was so easy!

Integrate Your Contractor Records with QuickBooks

Smart Service contractor software integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. This means there is no need for double data entering! Whatever information gets logged by your technicians or your office (customer data, invoices, product parts, etc.) gets uploaded into QuickBooks as well! Smart Service software for contractors essentially becomes another office manager, keeping track of all the information quickly and efficiently. Talk about productivity!

Schedule Jobs for QuickBooks Customers

Using the Smart Service software for contractors, you can schedule jobs using your existing customer data. Our scheduler is easy to use, so you can incorporate it into your contractor operations right away. Easy breezy. Through Smart Service scheduling for contractors, you can manage job timing, breaks, and payments so accounting on QuickBooks is simple and all your contractors are paid without headaches.

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