QuickBooks Job Scheduling

Smart Service appliance repair software for QuickBooks gets you out of the gate fast by importing your existing customer list and job items from QuickBooks. After that, the intuitive scheduler makes setting up and assigning new jobs a piece of cake. You can view the daily agendas for your entire team on a single screen, making it easy to keep up with everything happening in your company. When new work comes in, you can assign it to a technician just as easily. Smart Service appliance repair software will immediately improve the way your business operates.

Dispatch Appliance Repair Software for QuickBooks

The best thing about the Smart Service system? The mobile app, hands down. With the Smart Service mobile app, your office and field teams will start working together like never before. Once dispatchers schedule work in the office, the job details go directly to your technicians’ mobile devices in the field. This enhances inter-company communication and allows everyone to work together with greater ease and clarity than ever before. Field technicians will work with all the customer and equipment information they need, filling digital work orders as they perform services.

Appliance Repair Software for Customer Management and Billing

Smart Service appliance repair software for QuickBooks does more than just scheduling and dispatching. This system also works as a powerful customer management tool. Get organized with an easy-to-navigate customer database. When a call comes in, your office staff can pull up a customer’s records, referencing their service history and equipment information. When it comes time to generate an estimate, bill, or invoice, you’ll marvel at how Smart Service shortens the billing cycle. Simply put, this all-in-one system gets you from the moment the job is sold to the moment the final payment is logged. Demo Smart Service today!

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